From a young age Amari has always been interested in working with others, learning about new things and lending a helping hand.  He has shown leadership skills even as a child.  Amari would always go to schools and help educators in their classrooms, assist other school personnel on campus, and always find time to make his classmates feel included! Amari has an inherit characteristic for recognizing the importance of being valued.    

       As a student athlete, Amari continues to widen his community efforts by participating in activities with the following organizations: Feeding America, Big Bend Homeless Coalition, A plethora of community activities, and mentoring students in various Leon County Schools. Recently, Amari received the 2020 Bobby Bowden Leadership Award and the 2021 “Mr. L.Y.F.E” (Leaders Yearning For Excellence) Award for his continuous community involvement. 

With the creation of A.G.-Game Changers, Amari continues to use his platform to influence others to strengthen their own leadership qualities.  A.G- Game Changers allows Amari to broaden his imprint while serving the community and inspiring the youth by “bridging the gap and changing the game”.